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Vandone Film is a production company that providing TV shows and 3D animations for national and international markets.
Our specialization is Motorsport, with Formula 1 leading a preminent role.


Aired on Sky Sport F1 HD, High Tech is our Formula 1 magazine.


CGI animations about Formula 1, MotoGP, WTCC, Motorsport and more for broadcasters, automotive companies and our TV productions.


TV production

From concept to “ready to air” show. All the creative and production phases are made within our facilities. Our team includes writers, journalists, translators, directors, DOP, editors and graphic artists.
We produce TV magazines about Formula 1.

HIGH TECH 30 episodes (23' each):
Co-produced with SkySportF1HD, hosted by Fabiano Vandone and Marta Abiye, HIGH TECH is a full in-house production.
The show analyzes the Team performances, technical evolution of cars, from chassis to power-unit and suspensions, also from an historical standpoint. There are plenty of insights with studio guests ranging from engineers to drivers and technicians.

The production staff, in constant synergy with the graphics department, also realizes Corporate Videos, TV and Web features for our customers, such as: Ferrari, Pirelli, Magneti Marelli, etc.

Among our upcoming projects is a series of documentaries for the international market.


3D Animation

Our Graphics Department realizes all the CGI animations, graphics supports and virtual set of our productions.
We produce 3D animations and graphics for “SkySport F1 HD” and “Sky Sport MotoGP HD” channels.

We made branded videos for Magneti Marelli used in the last Shanghai Motor-Show.
Technical videos about LaFerrari launch for Geneva and Shanghai Motor-Show.
Branded video for: Pirelli “PZero”, “Scorpion”, “Carvin Edge”, “WinterSottozero3”, “Cinturato All Season”.


The production workflow

all creative and technical steps that allow the “vandone film” productions
Vandone Film

Whether it’s a 3D animation, a corporate video, a TV show, it always starts the same way: with a briefing, which is essential to understand the communication needs of the product, the target audience and distribution platforms.
Depending on the production requirements, it is essential to assign the task to the team members with the most suitable skills.
The Project Manager interfaces with the creative director, the director, the authors, to begin the creative process that leads to the script, the storyboard and so on.
Few seconds, few minutes, a Magazine episode: the length does not matter, our goal is communicating in the most effective and engaging way, and – why not – with a bit of wonder.


Everything begins from here.


It illustrates the idea in sequence with text and images.


Modeling, texturing, lighting, animation and rendering.


All the steps required to optimize the animation.


Or compose, make consistent with each other all the elements.


Editing, color correction, soundtrack. And we are ready!



Our works


Production area

The area of video production includes all creative, productive and technical resources to design, write, shoot and finalize television programs, corporate videos, documentaries.

We have two control rooms and two studios used as virtual sets with 6 full HD and 4K cameras.

Recovery set in Single-Multi external.
3 editing suites for the post production.


3D Area

All processing steps in order to get 3D animation are carried out within our structures.

Professional 3D motion graphers and compositors turn ideas into 3D animations to support all our products.

We use specific software for computer graphics and the Adobe suite for optimization. We work in OSX environment on MAC PRO workstations.


Oculus virtual reality

The Oculus Rift is head mounted display consisting of a small low-latency, HD screen and a lens system inserted in a head mount that completely covers the eyes of the wearer.

Through this device the wearer is immersed in a computer generated environment.

The HMD is equipped with an accelerometer and a special positional tracking camera and recreates in the virtual environment the natural head movement of the user thus conveying the feeling of “presence” or “immersion” in the simulated world which is projected on the screen.


Augmented reality

It is the enrichment of the human sensory perception through superimposition of data and graphics on the real world.

The elements which "augment" the reality may be added through a mobile device, such as a smartphone, with the use of a PC equipped with a webcam or other sensors, and other visual devices that add media information to the normally perceived reality.

Today It's possible to find informations with AR in the place where you are (such as hotels, bars, restaurants, metro stations), to find the parked car, create a manual of use and maintenance for car makers, create multimedia presentations accessible directly on your smartphone or tablet.


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